3 Best Microwaves in 2019

A microwave is an electric oven that uses electromagnetic radiation to heat and cook food. A microwaves oven cooks food much faster compared to conventional methods. It ensures safe cooking, and it does not require fire. Hence your kitchen remains cool. Traditionally microwaves were used to heat food, beverages, and leftovers but the modern microwaves have more options.

Today many companies have engaged themselves into manufacturing of modern microwaves. Its price has reduced that middle-class person can afford one. The article will help you decide which type of microwave is within your budget.

Before we discuss the type of microwave oven to buy in 2019, let’s discuss the features to bear in mind.

1. Replacement need

Take into account the guarantee period of replacement. Microwaves ovens overall lifespan is ten years, but you can go for a brand.

2. Speed and power consumption

Usually the faster the cooking, the higher the wattage. So 1200 watt microwave oven will cook more quickly than a 700-watt oven.

3. Features

Check if the microwave oven you are buying has a defrosting feature. See if it has a specialized button for TV dinner setting or popcorn setting. Buy a microwave oven with a turntable or else you will have to power off the appliance while cooking and turn the dish to cook evenly.

4. Internal capacity

Internal capacity of microwave range between one cubic to two cubic feet. Therefore check if the size will accommodate your utensils and the amount of food you will be cooking. A countertop microwave oven is the best for people with smaller kitchen space.

5. Versatility

Chose a microwave oven that can fulfill several purposes such as toasting, grilling, baking, roasting, and cooking.

6. Inverter and convection

With Inventor microwave you can reduce power consumption. Its expensive type of microwave but it can maintain even temperature distribution when cooking while convection microwave is costly but ensures even heat distribution throughout cooking.

7. Consistency and dependability

Ensure that the microwave you are purchasing meets your expectations before you buy.

8. Controls and presets

A microwave oven that has several offers has more functionality. Before buying make sure the preset is not faulty. Or else you will affect the quality of cooked food items or add confusion to the interface.

9. Required space

The microwave oven should not be too big to occupy much space in your kitchen. If so you won’t have enough space for other kitchen appliance. The space available should vary with kitchen size. The size of the microwave oven depends on your kitchen space and the amount of food you want to cook each time.

10. Attractiveness

The design of the microwave oven influence our preference; its feature is also essential. The functionality varies so choose according to your presence and taste.

11. Affordability

Microwave oven like countertops is cheaper to install compared to in build one. But it depends on your budget and preference.

Therefore let’s discuss three types of microwave that you can purchase in 2019

1) Panasonic NN-SN651B


It’s high powered with an inventor to provide the functionality.

The inside space is 1.2 cubic feet that enough to hold mid-size utensils. It has multiple power settings to defrost and cook at high or low temperature. The model comes in three colors, white stainless and black.

The internal sensors ensure even cooking throughout the cooking process. The model has a push button to open the door instead of a handle. It has a classy design. It has an electric power button prepare popcorns and ten different power levels.


. It’s light in weight hence portable.

. Sensor reheat, child safety lock, inventor and sensor cook.

. It has a keep warm function that allows you to keep your food inside to retain heat until it’s served.

. The inverter technology ensures even cooking.

. Has a flat keypad panel for easy programming and a table turn.


. A little noisy while in use.

2) Panasonic NN-SD 945S: Best Built-In Microwave Oven

It’s the best inventions by Panasonic. It’s quite attractive with cool technologies.


Available in two sizes to enable you to choose the one that suits the kitchen space. It’s among the most powerful microwave ovens in the market and consumes around 1250 watts. This microwave model has a combination of modern and traditional technologies.

The interior dimensions range between 23 inches length and 14 inches in height. Its interior is a 2.2cubic foot. It has a turntable of 16.5 inches long, and 18 presets auto cook menu items.


. Cooks food evenly and restores the same results each time irrespective of the food item.

. It has inbuilt inverter technology, and it’s budget-friendly.

. The inverted technology assists to preserve texture and flavor of food.

. It has a more significant interior to place large dishes.

. I has gained a 4.2 star rating from users.


. It’s louder than many other models of microwave ovens.

3) Toshiba ECO42A5C-SS: Best Convection Toaster Oven


It distributes heat evenly and prevents the center and edges of your dish from burning. It’s quite costly compared to Panasonic models but cost effective if you consider qualities.it has an interior of 1.5 cubic feet with 1500 watts.

It provides a sensor cooking and reheating function to reduce your efforts by adjusting the temperature while in use.


. It’s easy to clean and simple to use.

. It has an auto menu for backing, defrosting and roasting.

. It’s affordable among convection microwave ovens.

. Has positive reviews and have obtained 3.5-star out of 5.


. It can provide less heat compared to other convection microwave ovens.


Microwaves have played a significant role in a modern kitchen due to its effort and time-saving capability. It’s a multipurpose applicant that allows you to bake, defrost cook and toast food with ease. Microwave can be used to cook low-fat foods, compared to traditional methods. If you are too busy and lack time to prepare your meal this modern applicant is the answer to your problem. These advanced applicants will cook your food uniformly by restoring the taste and flavor of your food.

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