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Hair type is based on your hair curl pattern. Every hair type deserves love and respect; the hair may be straight, wavy, curl or coiled. Understand your hair curl patterns, density and porosity. This makes it easy to find products that work for your hair type. Hair type is determined by genetics.

The curl pattern of your hair can be altered by heat or chemicals used in the hair. Hormones and medication can change your curl pattern, but basically, the curl pattern is in the DNA. …

Stinging nettle is a flowering plant with long stinging hair its leaves and stem. The plant grows all over the world in countries such Asia, Europe, Africa and North American. These plant has several health benefits such as the ability to detoxify the body, improve respiratory conditions prevent diabetes, increases blood circulation, manage fomentation, boost immunity and help reduce kidney stones.

The plants leaves can be grounded into powder form to be use in tea or added into meals. Some people prefer putting the grounded leaves into warm water and drink .it …

A microwave is an electric oven that uses electromagnetic radiation to heat and cook food. A microwaves oven cooks food much faster compared to conventional methods. It ensures safe cooking, and it does not require fire. Hence your kitchen remains cool. Traditionally microwaves were used to heat food, beverages, and leftovers but the modern microwaves have more options.

Today many companies have engaged themselves into manufacturing of modern microwaves. Its price has reduced that middle-class person can afford one. The article will help you decide which type of microwave is within your budget.

Before we discuss the type of microwave…

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